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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bounty Hunter #2: Jerrek Xantos

Name: Jerrek Xantos
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Coruscant
Affiliation: Krayt Hunter Guild
Facts: Jerrek Xantos was the son of a rich senator. Disgusted with his family's rich lifestyle, he stole a ship and flew to the Krayt Hunter Guild's headquarters, the ship Doashim II. Forze Danigg, an ex-Mandalorian and the leader of the KHG at the time, took him in and taught him how to be a bounty hunter. Since then, Xantos has bagged over 125 kills, from rich senators to people who just owed him money. He is now second in command of KHG.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Working on new blogspot

I'm currently working on my non-Star Wars blog (yes, my life is not totally consumed by Star Wars). It has one post on it, but I'd rather release it when it has three. It's just more fun to look at.

Thanks a lot, Dune!

Yeah, I just want to thank Dunechaser for posting some of my pics and a link to this site on his awesome blog. If you've never been to it, check it out. It has a bunch of cool stuff on it. Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How-to Guide #1: How to put cool arms on minifig torsos.

You'll need: 1 relatively older minifig torso; 1 Viking helmet horn; 1 battle droid arm, Exo-Force arm, or any other kind of arm you want on.

Step 1: You have to have an kind of old torso like the blue one on the left. This won't work with the red torso on the right.

Step 2: Remove the arm on the side that you want the robotic arm on.

Step 3: Stick the Viking horn into the arm hole as shown in the picture. Make the tip of the Viking horn go into the opposite arm peg.

It should look like this:

Step 4: This picture is really messed up, but if oyu look closely you can see how the tip of the Viking horn goes into the peg of the left arm.

Step 5: Attach the desired appendage to the peg of the Viking horn.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vignette #1: Battle of Polis Massa

Whahaha, my first vignette!! It shows Master Ura and Darth Slade fighting on Polis Massa. I hope you like it. I'll make a bio for Darth Slade later. By the way, I just uploaded some ship pictures so I'll have those up soon and I'm making a guide to putting robot arms and other appendages on minifigs (see Darth Natek).

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sith Lord #7: Darth Salenta

Name: Darth Salenta
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Anzati
Planet of Origin: Anzat
Facts: Darth Zamma found the baby Darth Salenta wrapped in a blanket in a destroyed village on Anzat. Zamma raised him and taught him the ways of the Sith. Zamma and Salenta assassainated many Jedi on missions across the galaxy. Salenta had Sith tatoos put on his face and on his body in his full dedication to the Sith Order. When Zamma decided to put himself in a stasis chamber on Korriban, Salenta took on an apprentice of his own, but it is unknown who.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Blogspot

Hey, I just made another Blogspot to put all of my non Star Wars creations on so check it out. By the way I'll be posting ships as soon as I get all of the pictures taken.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ships coming soon.

I'll be posting some ships soon. Thanks for being patient with me.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Bounty Hunter #1: Janza Voors

Name: Janza Voors
Species: Human cyborg
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Krayt Hunter Guild
Facts: Janza Voors is a high-ranked member of the Krayt Hunter Guild, a group of very skilled bounty hunters. She joined the group when she was only 17 years old. Her early origins are unknown. After suffering severe head injuries, she had cybernetic implants in her head, which include a built in comlink, infrared scanner, homing device, and other bounty hunting neccesities. Using her custom EX-8 auto rifle, she is a deadly bounty hunter.
EX-8 Auto rifle

Jedi Master #1: K'nar Ura

Name: K'nar Ura
Species: Coway
Planet of Origin: Mimban
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Facts: Master Ura was a Coway Jedi Master who was on the Jedi Council until his death. He trained many young Jedi in Lightsaber Form 1, in which he was a master. He had no single Padawan. Ura fought with a green lightsaber. Once when fighting Massassi warriors working with Black Sun, his face was cut by a lightdagger. Because of this he wears cybernetic breathing and optical apparatus on his face. He was killed by Darth Slade on Polis Massa in a lightsaber duel.

Sith Lord #6: Darth Natek

Name: Darth Natek
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown cyborg humanoid species
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: There is very little is known about the mysterious history surrounding Darth Natek except that he was one of the most powerful Sith in the history of the galaxy. It is said that he gained his power and skill from studying Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow's Sith holocrons. When his apprentice, dark Jedi Jobin Torgg, stole Freedon Nadd's holocron and fled to the planet of Vendaxa, Natek pursued him there in his starfighter, the Ash Angel, and slew him. But as Natek was boarding his ship, he was attacked by an two acklays. Darth Natek, weak from his battle with Torgg, got his right arm ripped off by one off the acklays. He then summoned his hatred and killed both of them by throwing his lightsaber and cutting their heads off. After leaving Vendaxa, he had his arm replaced with a large, lightwieght robotic arm made of phrik alloy, making it impervious to lightsaber attacks and giving him a leathal advantage in combat. Sometime later, he took on another apprentice by the name of Malus and taught him everything he knew about the Sith arts. He was a master at Force Drain and Sith alchemy, and an expert lightsaber duelist. He wore armor made of phrik alloy laced with cortosis and wore an ancient Sith battle helmet. He died when his starfighter exploded.

Darth Natek's lightsaber

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sith Lord #5: Darth Zamma

Name: Darth Zamma
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown humannoid species
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: Darth Zamma was one of the most famous Sith Lords in Sith history. One of the largest Sith temples on Korriban was built in his honor by Sith cultists. He was was extremely strong with the force and very experienced with a lightsaber. No one knows who his master was because of the 60 years that the Sith disappeared after Darth Veneter's death. It is rumored that Darth Malus' spirit trained him, but there is no substantial evidence to prove this. Darth Zamma revealed himself on the planet Trandosha when he killed three Jedi who were trying to shut down a Trandoshan slave operation. He then killed numorous Jedi on planets such as Toydaria, Malicar 3, Qiaxx, and others. The most famous legend about him tells of The Kessel Massacre, in which he killed eight Jedi. He was extremely adept at Force Speed and Sith Lightning, which he usually executed on his opponents. He fought fiercely with his red double bladed lightsaber. He also wore an ancient Sith war helmet to hide is true visage.

Darth Zamma's lightsaber

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sith Lord #4: Darth Veneter

Name: Darth Veneter
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown humanoid species
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: Darth Veneter was trained by Darth Lamiya to be the perfect assassian. She sent him on missions to kill Jedi, crime lords, etc. He was extremely adept at Force Concealment, Force Cloak, and Force Speed, which allowed him to sneak up on his enemies and cut them down with his curved red lightsaber. He wore a strange Kalee death mask at all times.

Sith Lord #3: Darth Lamia

Name: Darth Lamia
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Anzati
Planet of Origin: Anzat
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: It was thought that after Darth Phasma died that the Sith had been destroyed and peace had returned to the galaxy. It turns out that Darth Phasma had been training several apprentices at a secret location. He instructed his apprentices that when he died they would be notified by the biolink inplanted in his heart and they would fight each other for the title of Sith Lord and the right to carry on the Sith Traditions.
When Phasma was killed, an extreme battle ensued between Phasma's apprentices. Darth Lamiya killed two of them with her red lightsaber and shot another one down as he tried to escape in his starfighter. She was indeed worthy of carrying on the Sith traditions. She was killed by her apprentice, Darth Veneter.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Check out this link

Check out this link, it is my fellow Sith Lord Darth Malum's site. It has good minifigs and stuff.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sith Lord #2: Darth Phasma

Name: Darth Phasma
Birth Name: Unkown
Species: Gand
Planet of Origin: Gand
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: Darth Phasma was a Sith Lord who lived during the time of the Old Republic. Being a Gand with lungs, oxygen was toxic to him so he had to wear a special helmet that allowed him to breathe ammonia. When his hands were cut off by Shoma Dall, he had them replaced with magnetic hooks. He fought with two red bladed lightsabers. He was killed on Dantooine when Jedi Master Alino used the force to break his helmet.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sith Lord #1: Darth Malus

Name: Darth Malus
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Corellia
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: Darth Malus was kidnapped from his wealthy parents on Corellia when he was an infant by Darth Natek. Natek was a wise Sith Lord and he taught Malus everything he knew. When Darth Natek died when his starfighter exploded, Malus returned to his base on Malastare. Many historians say that Malus planted a bomb on Natek's starfighter, but it has not been proven. For some years Malus disappeared. He was thought to be dead. It was realized that he was alive when Jedi Master Kandin was investigating some cult activity on Alassa Major when Malus and his apprentice, Darth Phasma, ambushed Kadin and his apprentice, Shoma Dall, and a furious light saber duel insued. It was a close battle, but Malus slew Kandin by cutting him in half. Dall, in his anger, lept up and stabbed Malus. Phasma, seeing he had to preserve the Sith Order, fled. Malus fought with one red lightsaber. What was interesting about his lightsaber was that it had no buttons on it; it was activated through the force.

Advanced Clone Pilot (ACP)

Name: Advanced Clone Pilot (ACP)
Time: Clone Wars
Facts: Not many ACP's were made becasue they were expensive to train and they had no training at ground combat. They were excellent pilots, and with their ship, the AVA dvanced tarfighter, they were deadly fighters in space. It is not known whether any ACP's killed any Jedi after Order 66 was initiated.