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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sith Lord #3: Darth Lamia

Name: Darth Lamia
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Anzati
Planet of Origin: Anzat
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: It was thought that after Darth Phasma died that the Sith had been destroyed and peace had returned to the galaxy. It turns out that Darth Phasma had been training several apprentices at a secret location. He instructed his apprentices that when he died they would be notified by the biolink inplanted in his heart and they would fight each other for the title of Sith Lord and the right to carry on the Sith Traditions.
When Phasma was killed, an extreme battle ensued between Phasma's apprentices. Darth Lamiya killed two of them with her red lightsaber and shot another one down as he tried to escape in his starfighter. She was indeed worthy of carrying on the Sith traditions. She was killed by her apprentice, Darth Veneter.


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