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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sith Lord #5: Darth Zamma

Name: Darth Zamma
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown humannoid species
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: Darth Zamma was one of the most famous Sith Lords in Sith history. One of the largest Sith temples on Korriban was built in his honor by Sith cultists. He was was extremely strong with the force and very experienced with a lightsaber. No one knows who his master was because of the 60 years that the Sith disappeared after Darth Veneter's death. It is rumored that Darth Malus' spirit trained him, but there is no substantial evidence to prove this. Darth Zamma revealed himself on the planet Trandosha when he killed three Jedi who were trying to shut down a Trandoshan slave operation. He then killed numorous Jedi on planets such as Toydaria, Malicar 3, Qiaxx, and others. The most famous legend about him tells of The Kessel Massacre, in which he killed eight Jedi. He was extremely adept at Force Speed and Sith Lightning, which he usually executed on his opponents. He fought fiercely with his red double bladed lightsaber. He also wore an ancient Sith war helmet to hide is true visage.

Darth Zamma's lightsaber


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