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Friday, April 14, 2006

Sith Lord #6: Darth Natek

Name: Darth Natek
Birth Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown cyborg humanoid species
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Facts: There is very little is known about the mysterious history surrounding Darth Natek except that he was one of the most powerful Sith in the history of the galaxy. It is said that he gained his power and skill from studying Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow's Sith holocrons. When his apprentice, dark Jedi Jobin Torgg, stole Freedon Nadd's holocron and fled to the planet of Vendaxa, Natek pursued him there in his starfighter, the Ash Angel, and slew him. But as Natek was boarding his ship, he was attacked by an two acklays. Darth Natek, weak from his battle with Torgg, got his right arm ripped off by one off the acklays. He then summoned his hatred and killed both of them by throwing his lightsaber and cutting their heads off. After leaving Vendaxa, he had his arm replaced with a large, lightwieght robotic arm made of phrik alloy, making it impervious to lightsaber attacks and giving him a leathal advantage in combat. Sometime later, he took on another apprentice by the name of Malus and taught him everything he knew about the Sith arts. He was a master at Force Drain and Sith alchemy, and an expert lightsaber duelist. He wore armor made of phrik alloy laced with cortosis and wore an ancient Sith battle helmet. He died when his starfighter exploded.

Darth Natek's lightsaber


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