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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ship #1: Kit Tekker's Air Taxi

Name: Modified Aratech 42-T Air Speeder
Manufacturer: Aratech Repulsor Company
Armament: None
Top Speed: 275 mph
Owner: Kit Tekker
Facts: Aratech Repulsor Company realeased the realeased 42-T Air Speeder around the beginning of the Clone Wars. It was reasonably priced, so beings of all statuses could afford it. It was mainly used on planets with high populations, such as Coruscant. It could carry up to three passegers, who entered through a door at the back of the ship. Kit Tekker modified his by replacing the small engines with large racing engines. What was also unique about Tekker's ship was that he replaced the standard handle bar-like controls with a normal steering wheel.

*I know these pictures aren't exactly good. I'll take better ones next time. Thanks!


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